Biodynamic agriculture

What is biodynamic agriculture? It is an organic method of agriculture that also uses the lunar cycle and in which the soil is treated with various homoeopathic preparations. The latter are vectors of energy.

Biodynamic farming requires constant human observation and attention, and the use of ancestral methods and tools, such as horse-drawn ploughing, which creates a natural link between people, the soil and the plants.

The environment

In 1997, we decided to create ecological niches with the replanting of fruit trees typical of the region such as hazelnut, pear, and vine peach. These encourage biodiversity and the balance between animals and plants.

Since then, we have seen increasing numbers of partridges and hares, whose presence is evidence of a healthy, fertile environment.

Birds are excellent regulators of insects, while horse-drawn ploughing aerates and encourages life in the soil. The quality of the humus is improved and it is better able to nourish the plants.

In the vineyard

In the vineyard, biodynamic agriculture reinforces the mechanisms that maintain life in the soil, enriching it to create a better balance between minerality and fruit, thereby giving the wines their unique character.