Shared values

From this intimate expression of the terroir to the creation of the bottles, our work is carried out with respect for the product.

For the production of the wines, we prefer to use wooden vats, for their natural, organic character.

We take a non-interventionist approach to vinification, which aims to reveal our wines’ true character without any distortion.

All our bottles are sealed with wax, stamped by hand, wrapped in tissue paper, and placed in a box designed especially for this range that holds seven bottles.

Reception and pressing

Reception of the harvest, production and ageing of the wines take place in a dedicated facility.

Pneumatic pressing of our hand-picked grapes is carried out with a plate press. The intensity of the pressure is manually controlled and adjusted for each plot depending on the ripeness of the grapes and the density of the pulp.

The wooden vat, a living entity

We make our wines in very large oak vats. These allow slow oxygenation, and preserve the unique flavour of each plot of vines. We have chosen this method for its capacity to reveal the personality of each of our Seven Places.

We have 22 such vats, ranging from 15 to 100 hectolitres, giving us the flexibility we need for plot by plot vinification.