In the garden
of the senses

Like the stars in the sky, plants seem to have been scattered in profusion over the Earth, inviting humans to marvel at them, drawn by the delights they offer and the curiosity of exploring nature.

The Seven places are fascinating gardens of the senses. These gardens all have scents, colours, shapes and a terroir yet they also resemble a stage in our lives.

The Seven places push us every day to be true to ourselves, to our dreams and our projects.

in the
beginning ...

In 1997 with La Boissonneuse vineyard we discovered a simple, fragile world, and an awareness of plants in their environment.

In 2002, we obtained certification in biodynamic agriculture for the first place, “Chablis La Boisonneuse”.

The flavours and aromas of the wines were reassuring and respected the promise of the plants’ balance, between the soil and the fruit.

These observations encouraged us to continue to explore this philosophy.

Petit Chablis

Les Plantes

The Portlandian limestone subsoil and South/South-East orientation give it a spicy nose with notes of lemon zest, fresh grass and white pepper. The palate offers fresh almonds, sea salt, lemon zest. A very lively, well-balanced, smooth wine, with a delicate, layered minerality.


La Boissonneuse

The terroir here is a millefeuille of clay and limestone, barded with fossils. Notes of honey, candied orange and green pepper on the nose. Lemony notes on the palate, with the same green pepper and candied orange. An intense wine, with a lingering, mentholated freshness.



This is the “natural” Chablis of the range, produced from biodynamic grapes and aged without filtering, the addition of sulphites and yeasts or fining. One of the Domaine’s original biodynamic plots, it has an exceptional terroir and south-east orientation. 7th can only be produced if the grapes are in perfect health at the time of harvest. It is a dessert in itself, full of elegance, offering a very pure expression of the fruit with a nose of baked apples and bergamot accompanied by vanilla and mineral notes; on the palate, baked apples, lemon zest, mint and cinnamon.

Chablis Premier cru

Cote de Lechet

This plot offers an elegant expression of the pure Chablis character. A 38% slope, in full sun, very poor, pebbly soil, with small yields producing very minerally wines. The nose presents aromas of ripe yellow fruit, acacia and candied orange. The palate is characterised by intensity and roundness, with notes of raisins and honey. A dense, seductive wine.

Chablis Premier cru


On a very steep, east-facing sloping, this terroir offers subtlety, richness and a resolutely mineral character. Bouquet of aniseed, green pepper, fresh grass, toast and fresh almonds. On the palate, there is candied lemon zest, aniseed, menthol, and sea salt. An energetic, intense, precise, full-bodied wine with a long finish.

Chablis Premier Cru

Montee de Tonnerre

Located to the right of the “valley of the Grands Crus”, the Chablis Premier Cru Montée de Tonnerre is undoubtedly the most complete of the Premiers Crus, with a concentrated minerality, floral notes and richness; a dense, generous, structured wine.

Chablis Grand Cru

Les Preuses

This wine has an exceptional capacity to age. With a very pronounced minerality, it is powerful and rich, yet also refined, elegant and voluptuous. The nose presents candied orange, barely sugar and strawberry jam. On the palate, there are notes of acacia, ripe yellow fruit, with a long, mouth-watering, mentholated finish.